Robo Advisor Apps (Reviews)

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Here are some of the very best (and easiest) Robo Advisor Apps (to automate your investing)

Achieve the wealth you desire by starting now. You can start very small, but start now. These apps make it so easy to invest. You just link your bank, answer a few questions about yourself, and become an investor.

One of the "Better" investment apps is Betterment.


Gain the benefit from my experience! One app that is coming out on top is Betterment. The simplicity and ease of the user interface is winning me over. Also, I can clearly see what I've invested and what I've earned from my investment, making it easy to follow my earnings.

See the screenshot below:

And the screenshot below shows my portfolio mix. You can choose your ratio of stocks to bonds. With some other Robo-Investment Apps (like Robinhood), you can choose your exact stock. But I like the automatic diversification provided by the Betterment App. Note - you can also work directly on a computer if you wish.

Betterment does offer a ROTH IRA. If you want consistency and simplicity, then try out Betterment (for both iOS and Android).

If you want to choose exactly what stocks to invest in, then you'll need to use a different Robo-Advisor App.


iBillionaire is another fun one, and I'll tell you why it's a fun investment app. What makes iBillionaire unique is the clever "stock strategies" that they come up with.

Here is a screen shot below showing a few of the strategies that I've chosen.

Each "Strategy" consists of a themed collection of a few stocks. Some are centered around safety and others are more risky, but with more possible rewards. I like getting a message about a new "strategy" and investing on the spur of the moment with a "YES". They usually follow up and ask if I'd like to invest $10 a week or month and I usually reply "YES" to that also!

Click right here to give iBillionaire a try. They also have excellent customer service and assign you your own account manager. I write her with questions and usually get a response back in 15 minutes or less. There is a chat feature right in the app!

They don't offer a ROTH IRA at this time, but they are thinking about doing so in the future.

Wise Banyan

Another favorite is Wise Banyan (read more here), or sign up at Wise Banyan Investment - Sign Up Here - $20 Free to start with.

Yes, you get $20 when you sign up, and also $20 when you refer a friend and they sign up. And, it's fun and simple. Here is the main screen for Wise Banyan below:


Here are some other investment apps that I've tried out

Acorns App - Invest Spare Change - or monthly or weekly amounts - Get Acorns here.

Also Robinhood - trade stocks for free - Get Started at Robinhood right here.